Outlook account Setup Support: +1-844-229-3909 (toll-free) I’m guiding you with the following steps in this article if you would like to use an email client with your new Outlook Mail account and you ARE NOT currently using an email client configured with POP3. If you are a Verizon user that are migrated to Outlook server and if you would like to continue to use your POP configured email client, I’m guiding to you with the instructions on how to update your existing POP settings. Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is an internet standard protocol or email clients use this method to retrieve and recover email messages from a mail server. With IMAP, Your webmail client stored your email messages on a server. So every time when you check your inbox on a device, the email client sends a prompt to the server to retrieve your messages. Pop 3 do not download your emails to your computer but this document only read your email from the server with IMAP. That’s the reason you can use multiple devices to access your email and your data can sync from one device to another (Outlook Email Support +1-844-229-3909).

Outlook Account Password Recovery: +1-844-229-3909 (toll-free)

Your Outlook email account password should be like a fingerprint – that is unique it means it will not match with anyone. It protects your Outlook account from unauthorized access and keeps your account safe and your secret code for signing on to the Outlook. We recommend you to create a password that should be long it should be 8-10 characters long and it should be a combination of numbers and letters and specific characters like ($, @ %). You should avoid using obvious words, like your name, Phone number or the word “password.” As I told you that that password should be because the Google consider long password is a strong password and strong password gives you a strong security and protecting against hacking and attacking attempts. Create a password which is easy to guess and make it tough so no one can guess it and you can change your Outlook password anytime as often as you’d like. If you’ve forgotten the password or you want to change the password for your Outlook Mail account, then I’m guiding you through some easy steps to reset your account with a new password.

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